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Safe Choice Consultancy LLC provides professional consultancy services in business domains like Financial Management, Project Management , Sourcing & Procurement, Information Technology, Marketing Management & Research.


Safe choice consultancy

We provide a wide range of services, including Accounting and Auditing Services, as well as comprehensive Business consultancy service in Project Management, Marketing Management, Sourcing and Procurement, Planning, Finance, Investment, Restructuring, SOP, MIS and more

  • Provide assistance to businesses on marketing, products and services to attract and retain customers
  • Advice on planning, pricing and promotion
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Promotion
  • Market Research
  • Specialized in managing and guiding project processes from start to finish as regarding planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources, procedures in order to achieve all of the project goals.
  • Managing budgets, resources and relationships to achieve organizational objectives, planning, developing schedules to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Purchase analysis to determine where to achieve savings, point out the system defects to overcome, so as to minimize the cost, determine the purchases specifications and tender procedures, advise on purchasing sources by rendering to the best standards as might involve E-Commerce.
  • Providing advice and assistance on purchasing retail goods.
  • Assisting in import and export documentation.
  • Provides advice and/or planning with investment products, do in—depth work on formulating investment strategies, to help them fulfil their needs and reach their financial goals.
  • Experience in many different facets of the financial world, Banking and investment firm, construct and maintain portfolios.
  • Monitor the client’s investments and wok with them as their financial objectives change over time to adjust their holdings.
  • Restructuring is an action taken by a company to significantly modify the financial and operational aspects of the company, usually when the business is facing financial pressures. Restructuring is a type of corporate action taken that involves significantly modifying the debt, operations or structure of a company as a way of limiting financial harm and improving the business.
  • A company can also do restructure its operations by cutting costs, such as payroll, or reducing its size through the sale of assets.
  • Companies may also restructure when preparing for a sale, buyout, merger, change in overall goals or transfer of ownership.
  • After restructuring, the company should be left with smoother, more economically sound business operations.
Safe Choice Consultancy

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